January 17, 2022

Speaking Of Life 4009 | Practicing Christ in the Kitchen

Our amazing God is indeed present everywhere! The wise and respected Brother Lawrence always tried to find God even in the simplest of tasks like washing the dishes. Just like Brother Lawrence, let our actions be founded in the love of Christ that his light may shine through us.
January 10, 2022

Speaking Of Life 4008 | No Comparisons

People tend to compare themselves with other people and soon after you will be in a rabbit hole of blaming, self-distrust, and anger. God reminds us time and time again that he exceptionally and wonderfully created each one of us in his own likeness. He created each one of us with our own unique gifts. God calls us for who we are amidst our imperfections.
January 3, 2022

Speaking Of Life 4007 | God’s Whistle

In this episode, Greg shares a nostalgic memory from his childhood. Chances are you have a certain sound that takes you back to your youth; where it be a phone call ringtone, grandpa’s familiar car engine rumbling as it arrives in the garage, or a simple term of endearment from mom. We can easily get lost through the chaos of life but just like that familiar whistle, God calls us into his kingdom and find peace beside him.
December 27, 2021

Speaking Of Life 4006 | Already a Good New Year

A new year is approaching! This means new beginnings, new journeys, and new resolutions. The New Year is often an opportunity to improve ourselves or expand what we have. But While this can be a healthy practice, it is also beneficial to reflect on the blessings that we already have. This New Year, let us open our hearts and ears and receive what God has already given us. Let us experience his grace and love through the light of his son, Jesus Christ.
December 20, 2021

Speaking Of Life 4005 | Just Like Mom Used to Make

Have you ever experienced having a loved one bring you gifts or goodies that remind you of the warmth of home? Comparably, the prophet Samuel was often visited by his loving mother, bringing him a new robe throughout the years while working in God’s temple. Just like our loving moms, let us be reminded to take care of and love one another unconditionally that others may see the love of Christ through our actions.
December 13, 2021

Speaking Of Life 4004 | The Witness of Christmas Music

Bright lights twinkling in the moonlight, decorations in homes, and of course the joyful sound of carols resounding through the night are markers that Christmas is here. When Mary was waiting for Jesus’ birth, she sang a song of hope and love. She was looking forward to the marvelous wonders that Jesus would bring into the world! Mary reminds us to be hopeful and joyful as we celebrate the coming of our Savior, Jesus.
December 6, 2021

Speaking Of Life 4003 | The Myth of Instancy

Anyone from a few decades ago can certainly recall how the beginning stages of the internet were just too slow and frustrating. Nowadays, we have information overload everywhere because of how fast everything is. Even when the world demands everything to be in an instant, Paul reminds us to be patient and trust our all-knowing Father who paints the beautiful big picture.
November 29, 2021

Speaking Of Life 4002 | The Sunrise of Peace

Every time we see the sunrise in all of its splendor and glory, we can certainly feel a sense of warmth and hope for another day. Let us look upon Jesus as he remains to bring light and love into our fractured world just as we hope that the sun will rise again tomorrow.
November 22, 2021

Speaking Of Life 4001 | Hope is the Final Word

Speaking Of Life 4001 | Hope is the Final Word Greg Williams When we think of passages to read for Christmas, we usually don’t flip straight to Jeremiah. The “weeping prophet” spent most of his career watching Israel be brutally and violently cleansed by Babylon. He was imprisoned, kidnapped, and left in a cistern to […] The post Speaking Of Life 4001 | Hope is the Final Word appeared first on Grace Communion International.
November 15, 2021

Speaking Of Life 3052 | Royal Flush

Speaking Of Life 3052 | Royal Flush Cara Garrity If you know anything about the game of poker, you are probably familiar with what is called, a “Royal Flush.” A Royal Flush is made up of the ten, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace cards that are all the same suit. What’s significant about this hand […] The post Speaking Of Life 3052 | Royal Flush appeared first on Grace Communion International.