About Us. We seek to know Jesus Christ and to make him known.

In Grace Christian Fellowship our heartbeat is sharing the love of our Triune God. Our hope is that as many people as possible experience freedom and transformation of living in relationship with Father, Son, & Spirit.

Personalized Prayer

We seek to serve those who are in need of prayer. We want to provide comfort and solace to you by lending an ear, and then presenting your thoughts and requests before our Creator. Whether you wish to join us in prayer or just feel more comfortable praying silently with us, we are here for you in this sacred moment. Our one-on-one sessions are conducted online via Google Meet.

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Personalized Discussion

Do you have questions regarding matters of faith? Do you ever wonder why you were placed on this earth? Have you ever had a suspicion that your unique talents and abilities were designed for a grand purpose, even greater than yourself? Do you have questions about where this is all leading? Then we invite you to pose your questions to us in a one-on-one online session to explore the answers to these overarching questions

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Finding True Life

In Mark chapter 8, Jesus asks..."'Who do you say I am?'" This is the central question of Mark's Gospel, and the question that all people will ultimately need to answer. But our true understanding of Jesus does not end with a confession that he is Messiah....

We Believe

We believe that theology should be rooted in the Bible, especially the New Testament. The theology we believe is often referred to as Trinitarian Theology due to its emphasis on the relational nature of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Speaking of Life

Do you recall the first time you saw the colorful rainbow?  The flash of color across the sky is a promise of hope.

Plan Your Visit Join us for worship, singing, and sharing of the Word.

Sunday 11:00 AM

Manchester Volunteer Fire Station
545 Commonwealth Blvd.
Manchester, NJ 08759

Guests are always welcome at Grace Christian Fellowship! There is no dress code, so come dressed as you feel comfortable. We offer coffee and refreshments before and after service and look forward to connecting with you.

Grace Christian Fellowship worship services are usually about 60 minutes long. We begin with a call to worship and singing. We project the lyrics so that you can sing along and/or engage in worship, however you feel comfortable. We then enter a time of prayer, scripture reading, and the sharing of an inspiring message about the hope of Jesus by one of our pastors.

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Pastor Tony Caputo

(609) 500-6124