June 27, 2022

Speaking of Life 4032 | True Boasting

Dealing with sickness can become expensive very quickly. Even for the characters in the Old Testament, health care was expensive and unpredictable. Listen to Greg as he shares the story of Naaman, a prideful man who becomes sick. Eventually, he realizes that there is only one true Healer who can fully restore him inside and out.
June 20, 2022

Speaking Of Life 4031 │Unseen Footprints

Have you ever been so focused on a problem that you lose sight of everything but your desired solution? Heber reminds us that God’s faithfulness to us in the past can fuel our hope for his goodness to us in the present, even if shows up for us in unexpected ways.
June 13, 2022

Speaking of Life 4030 | The Myth of Isolation

We’ve all experienced moments of loneliness, anxiety, or darkness and doubt, believing we are alone in our journey. The prophet Elijah felt the same way and thought he was the only prophet left. Even when we can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, God reminds us that he will never leave us.
June 6, 2022

Speaking Of Life 4029 │ The Wisdom of Delight

This Trinity Sunday, we celebrate our union and relationship with the Father, Son, and Spirit, growing our wisdom and finding delight in the joy of God’s creation.
May 30, 2022

Speaking of Life 4028 | Fulfilled Promises

Has someone made a promise to you, only to take a very long time to fulfill it? How easily do we forget the commitments that we’ve made and break them? When everything else is meant to break and decay, let us learn to trust God’s promises that never fail.
May 23, 2022

Speaking Of Life 4027 | Living Water

Have you ever felt empty inside? Have you ever felt like life is one problem after another? Even when we feel like we have everything that we need, nothing can satisfy the void that only Jesus can fill. He is the true Living Water that even when we are in our deepest darkest moments in the wilderness, he refreshes our soul and keeps us whole in his loving embrace.
May 16, 2022

Speaking Of Life 4026 | Don’t Settle for Less

Have you ever settled for less in your relationships? Healthy relationships are not easy to maintain and require intentional hard work. David reminds us in the Psalms that our loving Father is inviting us into a relationship with him. Even when we’re tired and ready to give up, he continues to pursue us with love and compassion.
May 9, 2022

Speaking Of Life 4025 | No One Special, Just Chosen

Differences often become excuses for us to exclude and separate. We even do this unconsciously, based on someone’s appearance, language, or outfit. This Easter season, let us be reminded that Jesus invites us into his kingdom, no matter our differences. He came to restore all of humanity with his love and peace!
May 2, 2022

Speaking Of Life 4024 | Not Wanting the Shepherd

Correctly interpreting scripture can be challenging. Yet, like a shepherd, Jesus’ voice guides us when we read the word of God. Even when the world says differently, may we find peace knowing that he is the Good Shepherd who will bring us into the light.
April 25, 2022

Speaking Of Life 4023 | A Different Sort of Power

There is no shortage of examples, today and in history, of individuals using their influence and power to control and harm others. But Jesus’ power is different. Jesus displayed his power by laying down his life and overcoming evil with truth, love, and light. His name is above any other name!